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NISA is organized into seven main functional areas: Portfolio Management, Client Services, Investment Strategies, Operations, Legal, Compliance and Risk Management, Information Technology and Data Management, and Administration.

Our collegial environment encourages communication and collaboration throughout all functional areas. Working together in our open office, we are driven to provide innovative solutions for our clients’ challenges. NISA teams share intellectually curious mindsets that help contribute to employee advancement and continued growth for our firm.


NISA Functional Areas

The Portfolio Management Department is responsible for constructing and implementing client fixed income, derivative, and equity portfolios, along with various supporting functions. Many of this team’s members are portfolio management analysts who provide support to senior personnel and decision-makers. They perform portfolio analyses, index comparisons, security-level and product analysis, and guideline compliance.

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The Client Services Department manages client interactions and prepares analyses for clients, prospects, and consultants. Inquiries range from broad topics, including conversations related to pension risk management, the firm’s economic views, and NISA’s portfolio management style, to day-to-day activities, such as coordinating flows and preparing reports. Analysis is often customized for clients and prospects on their portfolios, benchmarks, and liabilities.

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The Investment Strategies Group develops custom strategies designed to meet client objectives. The team is also responsible for developing and implementing proprietary financial modeling and engineering tools used throughout NISA.

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The Operations Group is responsible for performing middle- and back-office functions in support of NISA’s investment management process, including investment accounting, and trade and instrument lifecycle support.

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  • The Legal Group handles all legal and regulatory matters that arise in NISA’s business and works with all areas of the business. The Legal Department provides thoughtful counsel to the business, staying abreast of relevant legal developments and mitigating risks to NISA.
  • The Compliance Group is responsible for establishing and maintaining policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent violations of the applicable federal securities laws, rules and regulations, as well as to detect any violations that may have occurred and to promptly correct these violations.
  • The Risk Management Group works to protect NISA, its clients and the integrity of the industry. The group seeks to position the firm to serve our clients and promote a risk culture that supports future growth and development.

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  • The Information Technology and Data Management Groups are responsible for designing, building and maintaining the technology resources and solutions that enable NISA to continue delivering industry-leading service to its clients.
  • The Data Management Group performs enterprise-wide data governance, along with the design and implementation of data solutions.

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  • The Administration Group is responsible for accounting, payroll, business insurance, employee benefits, human resources, recruiting, facilities, and other administrative functions.

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NISA’s culture fosters personal and professional growth with access to both experience and expertise. Within our collaborative setting, we emphasize teamwork and knowledge-sharing throughout all departments. Employees at every level are encouraged to inspire, support and learn from one another.

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